Mohair Care

Mohair is a natural fibre that stands out for its countless qualities such as softness, shine, lightness and heating power. But it needs to be well cared for to maximise these attributes.

As it is natural hair, Mohair blankets will always tend to shed some hair. This is completely normal and there is no reason to be alarmed.

As there are many people who do not know this natural fibre, we will proceed to explain what to do to make the blanket perfect all year round.

The first thing we need is a hard clothes-brush. Once we have this brush, we proceed to brush the blanket in the direction of the hair. To check that we are not making a mistake and that the direction is the right one, there is a very quick way to check it. When we comb in the direction of the hair, the result is that the blanket is very smooth. If you comb against the direction of the hair the hair becomes bristly and it is difficult to pass the brush, so that direction is wrong.

Once we have brushed the blanket well, we will check that there is enough hair left on the brush, that means that the blanket is a little dry. So it is recommended to moisten the blanket a Little bit with a water spray and brush it again. When the blanket is wet wet you will notice that the aspect changes. As soon as it dries it will look perfect, as if it had just been bought.

If it is the end of the winter season and you think you will not need the blanket until the next season, it is recommended to shake it a little, air it, then brush it, fold it well and put it in a plastic bag in a closed place.

This way, the blanket will keep its condition intact for the new season.